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Inspiration in the Urban

‘Never leave home without a scarf and lipstick’ was the advice my gran gave me when departing to become a banker. Since then, I’ve always worn a silk square around my neck. It was my talisman, my protector, my bit of colour in a world of grey suits.

Financial crises, short-termism, forgetting who the client was… shrivelled my joy of the city. It was time to pursue old passions; textiles design. Through art and photography I wanted to reclaim what had become alien.

I transform the urban silhouette by highlighting its beauty to the wearer, whether portrayed as a Pimlico parking line, a Westminster pavement stone pegged with chewing gum, or a Hackney manhole cover.

Modern Craftsmanship

Graffiti punctuates the city landscape with its wit, colour and commentary. So do the pavement stones, the gum, the parking lines. Most cannot see its beauty. Using psychogeography, my camera and modern craft tools these images are transformed to reveal its beauty. As a textile artist, through my magical eyes, the splodges of gum becomes an urban ‘milky way’. A parking line with its patina of paint becomes the most beautiful shawl. London Plane tree bark becomes a visual texture to be celebrated.


The craft is separating the greys into 20 or more layers. Each layer is then recoloured, reconfigured, repeated, as the texture is build up, which captures a moment of wonderment.


Using the most luxurious natural fibres of cashmere, wool and silk, Ennis More strives to make the most beautiful and softest scarves possible.

Printed in Como, Italy by a Family business with it’s attention to detail and wealth of experience in process, these scarves unique for their quality of underlying material and craftmanship. 

Wool/silk twill, 140x140cm, eyelash fringe, RRP £280
SilkTwill, 138x138cm, eyelash fringe, RRP £280


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